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For more than 20 years, SEOR has provided economic policy research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide. SEOR is an independent contract research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics. SEOR is known by our clients and partners for our strong quantitative and econometric competences.



SEOR is committed to contribute to optimise policy for today's social and economic issues. We help our clients have a clear understanding of the issues, causes and effects, so they can make informed decisions. We take pride in providing independent and objective research, based on scientific principles and methods.

Expertise and services


Our key competence is our ability to provide the best possible method and new insights, based on scientific knowledge and to translate this into practical research that benefits our clients. Our team consists of highly experienced economic policy researchers. SEOR has built a strong track record in five core activities: LabourEducationCare, Innovation and regulation. Our skills range from policy monitoring, policy evaluation and impact assessment, econometric analysis, experiments, forecasting and modeling to qualitative research, such as scenario building and foresight studies.









Our labour market expertise deals with topics such as employment policy, labour market supply and demand and mismatches and social security issues and reintegration.

Education is vital for the economy to adapt to changes in the labour market. We focus on lifelong learning, vocational training with in the EU, financing of education, and the institutional developments within eduction.

Our expertise in health care is mainly oriented towards labour market issues within the health care sector. We also focus on the relation between health and health related benefits for employment.

Our expertise with Innovation ranges from sectoral innovation performance, competitiveness analysis and productivity measurement to the monitoring and evaluation of innovation policy strategy)

Regulation focuses on the design and implementation of policy instruments in such a way to provide the right incentives to encourage competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.


SEOR works for Ministries, regional and local govenrments, sectororganisations and private companies. Outside the Netherlands SEOR works for, the European Commission, the World Bank and regional development banks.


                                                 European Commission

                                                 International organisations


                                                 Social partners

Our Partners

Being part of the Eramus University enables us to acces data and statistics, relevant literature and expertise of university staff and companies. SEOR also has a remote access connection to micro data of the Central Bureau of Statistics in the Netherlands and has experience with specific requests for data of the European Labour Force Survey from Eurostat. In most of our projects we work with specialised partners.

  • Risbo

    Risbo is an independent research institute active in the field of learning and society. The institute is affiliated with the Faculty of Social Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Risbo focusses primarily on three key themes: major cities, public administration, and education. Research, training and consultancy are the tools Risbo uses in their quest to find answers to a wide range of questions and seek new insights in complex issues.

  • ECRi

    The Erasmus Competition and Regulation Institute (ECRi) is a network of which SEOR, the Erasmus School of Economics (Micro-economic section), the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE) and the iBMG are part of. SEOR primarily focuses on contract research and advisory work for clients such as ministries, governments, firms, legal firms and market supervisors in the field of regulation and competition.


  • ERBS

    Erasmus Research & Business Support forms the link between scientific knowledge of Erasmus University Rotterdam and issues of organizations and public institutions. ERBS connects relevant stakeholders and make scientific expertise more accessible. ERBS provides business support, contract research and knowledge and competencies development.

About SEOR

SEOR is an independent social economic research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics and provides research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide.


  • Adress: Marconistraat 16,
       3029 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Phone: +31 (0)10 4082220
  • Email: seor-secr@seor.eur.nl