Supply and demand of teachers in the next ten years in Chile

In commission of the Ministery of Education of Chile, SEOR and ERBS have developed a simulation model for the supply and demand of teachers in Chile, which has been used to make supply and demand projections for the next ten years (2016-2025).

In the first phase, conversations with important stakeholders in the field of education were held. Both in Santiago as in other places in Chile, we have conducted interviews to learn about perceptions of (possible) regional or geographic differences in the labour market for teachers. The second goal of this visit to Chile was to obtain information about relevant scenarios and policy simulations, which form the context of our study.  

The second phase consisted of a descriptive analysis of the labour market for teachers and a qualitative analysis on the basis of policy documents, international academic literature, other relevant documentation and the information gathered during our visit to Chile.

During the third phase, the simulation model was developed. With this model, baseline projections of supply and demand have been conducted. Subsequently, various relevant scenarios with respect to the supply and demand of teachers in Chile in the next ten years were simulated. On the basis of the scenario analysis, we have made recommendations about possible policy measures that could be used to tackle existing and anticipated imbalances.

To close the project, SEOR and ERBS visited the Ministery of Education in Santiago again. During this visit, a training was provided to a number of professionals to teach them how to use the model. Furthermore, we have presented the results of the study for policy makers and interested parties of the Ministery of Education.