Teachers’ supply and demand projections in Chile

At the request of the Ministry of Education of Chile, in collaboration with ERBS, SEOR develops a simulation model of supply and demand of teachers in Chile. The model will be used to construct supply and demand projections for the next ten years.

First, we visit Chile and conduct interviews with key stakeholders in the area of education related to teacher training. The aim is to conduct interviews both in Santiago and in one or two other places in Chile, in order to learn on perceptions on (possible) regional/geographical differences in the labour market for teachers. Another purpose of the visit is to gather information about relevant scenarios and policy simulations that form the context for the projection of supply and demand for teachers.

The second phase consists of a descriptive analysis of the labour market for teachers, and a qualitative analysis based on policy documents, international academic literature, other relevant documentation and information gathered during the visit to Chile.

In the third phase the predictive model will be developed. With this model, baseline projections of demand and supply of teachers will be produced. Subsequently, various relevant scenarios will be simulated of the demand and supply of teachers in Chile in the next ten years. Possible policies to address existing and forecasted imbalances will be proposed on the basis of the scenario analysis.

At the end of the project a second visit to Chile will take place. During this visit we will provide training for a number of professionals to learn to use the model. In addition, we will present the results of the study in a public event organized by the Ministry of Education.


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