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The Erasmus Competition and Regulation Institute (ECRi) is a network of which SEOR, the Erasmus School of Economics (Micro-economic section), the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE) and the iBMG are part of. SEOR primarily focuses on contract research and advisory work for clients such as ministries, governments, firms, legal firms and market supervisors in the field of regulation and competition.

SEOR’s activities in the field of competition and regulation have been ranged under a separate division: SEOR-ECRi. This division is occupied with research and consultancy services within the following focal points:

  • Health economics: in particular the analysis of the market for health, government policy, regulation and health insurances;
  • Industrial organisation: in particular market structures, company strategies and market results, non-profit organisations, anti-trust policy, regulation and sector policy and (network) sector studies;
  • Law and economics: in particular anti-trust legislation, both in the Netherlands and in the European Union;
  • Mathematical and quantitative methods: in particular cross-section, time series and panel data models;
  • Micro-economics: in particular on game theory and subjects in de field of market structures and pricing policy, for example auctions.

On top of their expertise in the field of competition and regulation in general, the ECRi fellows have acquired a wealth of experience specific to the market in the field of energy (gas and electricity), health (hospital services, health insurance, pharmacy), postal services, telecom and ICT, pollution, water and many other subjects.

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About SEOR

SEOR is an independent social economic research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics and provides research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide.


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