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SEOR aims to answer the questions our clients have using the best possible methods. What is the best method depends on the questions policy makers have, the policy and interventions, but also the constraints, such as data quality and availability and the timing of the project. 

Relevant methods

  • We are well known for our econometric capabilities, that goes beyond analysis of data. We use our practical and theoretical insights to incorporate the relevant factors and to translate the results into practical knowledge and consequences for policy.

  • Cost-benefit analysis is a way to systematically assess all costs and benefits of policy, or specific projects. Due to our practical and theoretical knowledge, we are able to clearly assess the different scenarios that form the basis of the analysis. Our quantitative skills enable us to determine the relevant effects and the costs and benefits associated with these.

  • Interviews, focus groups and workshops are important methods to obtain a deep understanding of motives, knowledge of relevant stakeholders.

  • Micro- and sector economic analysis focusses the analysis of sectors to determine the added value, competitiveness of sectors

  • Experiments are an increasingly important way to assess the impact of policy.

  • Surveys are widely used when data is absent, or behaviour is an important element of research. We have experience in all types of surveys: web-based, phone, written, and even face to face in case of groups that are difficult to reach.

  • Literature is an important source for theoretical and emperical knowledge about policy and interventions. We use a variety of techniques to give a clear and concise overview of the current state of scientific knowledge.

  • Policy monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment is crucial to determine whether or not policy works. Our econometric skills and experience, combined with our practical and theoretical understanding of policy and interventions, enable us to determine the true, or nett effects of a policy intervention.

  • We see forecasts based on a model as a way to get a consistent vision for the future that can help policy makers to proactively formulate policy.

  • Benchmarking and performance assessment can be a powerful tool to compare an assess performance of organisations, departments, or sectors. SEOR has experience with simple and practical to highly advanced benchmarking techniques.

About SEOR

SEOR is an independent social economic research organisation linked to the Erasmus School of Economics and provides research and advisory services to both public and private sector clients worldwide.


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